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Day 5 - Oriflamme Canyon to Scissors Crossing

Day 5 - Oriflamme Canyon to Scissors Crossing

Forrest Gump Apr 29th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today I woke around 3. I was so cold all night and wrapped and stuffed every layer I had in my sleeping bag. I buckled my pack cover around my sleeping and it helped a little. I boiled water and put it in my boil bag and then my rehydration pouch. It worked wonders and I was able to sleep but at 3am when I woke up I realized it had leaked and now I was cold and wet and could do nothing about it. I finally got moving at 5.

I saw a beautiful sunrise to start the day and was the first to leave camp. I hiked and made some phone calls to make sure I can have my warm bag mailed to me because I’m so tired of being cold. I went slow but steady and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed until I made it to scissors crossing at mile 77ish. I’d done over 21 miles to get here. I was exhausted but not in pain.

I was able to get a ride into Julian and got dinner with Rachel who I’ve met a few times. We had to eat quickly so I could get a ride back but it was nice. The only reason I went into town was to get my other liner from Andrew so I could be a little warmer until my warm bag arrives in Warner Springs.

When I got back, Kara, Alice, and Brianna all showed up. I was so excited but they decided to head back into town and zero tomorrow. I’m sad and hope to see them again. I’ve had fun with them. Lemming, Chris, and Suzanne are 7 miles behind me. Pumba is in town getting a beer and I should see him tomorrow. No idea where Ziggy is. I’m camping with a few people. One is Katie and the other is AB. I’m actually camped far away because I can’t sleep well when people snore. So, I’m far away in my tent for now. I feel like I’ll sleep very well tonight.

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Gahdnah Hiker Apr 29th, 2021


Boston Apr 29th, 2021

Man that’s a rough night!