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Day 4 - Mt. Laguna to Oriflamme Canyon

Day 4 - Mt. Laguna to Oriflamme Canyon

Forrest Gump Apr 28th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today started off warm in the tiny house. The wind blew all night and we woke to snow on the ground. I’m so glad we had a warm place to stay. I left around 9 so I could let the sun warm up the day a bit. I did the first 10 miles of this hike last week and had planned to skip them today. However, I really enjoyed the people I’ve been with and wanted to stick with them. So I did the miles again and they were very easy.

I did 10 miles by around 1 today but took frequent and long breaks. I really want to make sure my Bosh is going to adjust and ease into this. I met up with Lemmings, Suzanne, Chris, and a few other hikers. Before I knew it Ziggy, Pumba (formerly Michael), Cara, Alice, and Brianna showed up. It was really fun to have us all hanging. I went to get water before leaving and out of nowhere there were almost 2 dozen hikers I’d never even met. The rest of the day (only 4 miles) I could see people in every direction I looked. It was like a long spread out train of hikers.

We arrived at camp after 14.5 miles of hiking. The whole group was here. We at dinner and watched the sunset and laughed and told stories. It’s finally feeling like thru-hiking. It feels really good. I’m happy and in my tent and for the most part warm and out of the wind. I think we are in for a very windy night tonight with temps below freezing. Too bad my bag is rated for 40°.

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