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Day 24

Day 24

Sleuth Apr 26th, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today was a beautiful day of hiking but it was a more difficult day than yesterday, alot of ups and downs and in sandy soal which make the hiking harder and really aggravated my ankle. The entire day we've hiked along Holcom stream. Beautiful country.
So this morning I decided to sleep in/wait for the Sierra Sister for 1 hr. Sure enough 45 mins later here they come, bopping along. They camped 1.5 miles behind me just like I thought. So we started out hiking together and stayed that way for about 80% the rest of the day. It was nice chatting as walked. Nice for a change. I wouldn't want to do it everyday though.
We only did 13 and change in miles today but that was fine as ive tweeked my ankle again (I sound like I'm falling apart, don't i). In reality everyone on trail is dealing with these types of injuries and we just pushed forward. It's swollen up to the size of a grapefruit again. My plan is to throw the ankle brace back on it again and "walk it off" as they say.
We got to the Hot Springs late in the day. We did not plan on staying here but we looked at the terrain for the next 5 miles and it's all side mt (as we've been doing for the last 8 miles) so there would be know place to camp. So we reluctantly set up camp here (along with the party crowd of the PCT). The hot springs was wonderful to soak in. Luckily we got here just as most of the Sunday day hiker crowd was leaving so it wasn't too crowded. A good 20 min soak to get trail off and taken the chill off made climbing into sleep clothes feeling wonderfully clean. Which of course clean being relatively because it was probably not entirely clean water with so many people on it. But it felt clean. And we smell clean. Not gonna lie, saw a little more twigs n berries than I needed too, and alot of women who need to lose weight. Me and the seirra sisters (well only Margaret, Carol was a stick in the mud) went in in our hiking bras and panties, both of which needed to get rinsed off anyway .
So now it is like 8 o'clock, way past my bed time but we got out tents close enough where we could chat as we cooked. I made mango sticky rice for the first time, and was not impressed. Its HRC's fav hiking dinner. Not a fan. Pretty darn happy right now.

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