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Day 3 - Kitchen Creek to Mt. Laguna

Day 3 - Kitchen Creek to Mt. Laguna

Forrest Gump Apr 27th, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today I woke after a very windy night. The wind blew down one corner of my tent despite that I had it staked and rocks on it. It was an easy fix. I was relatively warm all night.

I made some breakfast and hit the trail by 7. I moved very slow again but loved it. It was sunny but cold. Only a couple miles in the rain and wind socked us in. It became very cold and wet. I loved the solitude and silence today. Just being alone out here is almost than I expected. I saw a couple hikers but that was it. When I stopped to break a couple times the wind and rain were so cold that I couldn’t stand it for long and had to walk fast to warm up.

I pushed on with only 2 short breaks and arrived at Mt. Laguna around 1pm which was about 13 miles. It was so wet and misty and I found myself with a bunch of hikers I hadn’t met. It was excellent to have some community. I saw Alice, who I met on day 1. She had gotten an Airbnb and offered beds up. Ziggy and I took them and made the walk down the road. It started snowing.

I’m so glad we had a place to stay. The wind is howling and snow is intermittent. It’s been a great day. Body feels healthy and I feel happy and thankful I’m here.

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Comments (4)

Forrest Gump Apr 29th, 2021

Jeez I don’t blame you! I was so freezing last night! Thanks, Bedhead!!

a_ourso Apr 28th, 2021

The wind and cold has been insane the past two days up here too. We turned a corner yesterday 7 miles in from starting the day right into a cloud that sending down shard of ice in 70mph winds.... we tried to push on but bolted for the first trees we saw and set up shelter...

Bedhead Apr 27th, 2021

Keep it going, dude!

Dirty Peanut Apr 27th, 2021