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Day 50

Day 50

Gold Rush Apr 25th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

4/25/21 Overnight slept fairly well although the hiker next to me was snoring loudly. Piper was great no barking everyone liked her. Pored rain overnight. Apparently around 6:00 AM an older than myself hiker I knew got up to go to the bathroom. He didn’t bring his phone or glasses and was yelling for help. I never heard him but others went and found him and brought him back to the shelter. He was obviously quite shaken up by this experience (who wouldn’t be) and said he wanted to go home although I don’t think he did. It was hard getting going in the morning it was cold and foggy and you just want to stay nice and cozy in your sleeping bag but you must press on. Weather improved fog lifted sun came out and spirits rose. Overall nice hiking day.Camped at a site alone tonight and tomorrow will leave Tennessee for good enter Virginia which has the most miles of the AT 544 to be exact and will enter Damascus and stay in a cabin and resupply. Michele kindly mailed Piper’s food. Her appetite has finally increased. She is a true hiking companion never complains or is unwilling to let me put her backpack on her. Talked to dad all he ever says it’s okay if I want to quit. I know that he thinks I’m in the middle of no where and it’s dangerous which it isn’t.My brother-in-law Jeff called me yesterday to see how things were going. That really touched my heart that he is thinking of me. He knows thousands of people and is working as a pediatrician but still found the time to call. The world needs more people like him. Well tomorrow Damascus which is the most famous of all trail towns. Pictures of Piper in the shelter and AT sign painted on a barn.

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Comments (2)

sarah_727 May 6th, 2021

Poor Professor! Happy that Uncle Jeff called you; very sweet!

moosehick5989 Apr 26th, 2021

Finally the sun came out! About time huh