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Day 48

Day 48

Gold Rush Apr 23rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

4/23/21 Nice morning sunny so rested too long in the tent. Finally got on the trail and descended about 1700 feet to Watauga Dam/Lake and got great trail magic from a thru hiking organization hot dog, Coke, lemonade, ice cream sandwich. Continued hiking around the man made lake over the dam and climbed about 1500 feet to the ridge to the full Vandeventer shelter and not much space to set up the tent. Tomorrow’s weather rain all day. Great!! Still better than working. I recall like 30 years ago backpacking the Napali Coast with Michele and she said she would rather be on call then backpack!! Booked an upper bunk bed as that’s all they had for tomorrow night as we will be cold and soaked at The Rabbit Hole hostel. Will see how that goes. Red Bud trees in bloom here. I recall my dad had planted one in our yard next to the carport like 50 years ago. Funny how I remember the trees we had in our yard at Peaceful Terrace so long ago. He also had bought and planted a Dogwood tree which never grew well, Silver Maple trees, Pine trees and Weeping Willow in the backyard. Wonder if any are still alive?

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Comments (2)

rushsmip Apr 25th, 2021

Really enjoying all of your posts and pictures, Larry! I've been hiking around with my backpack getting ready to join you on the trail in June. Got a ways to go before I can get up to your speed. Mia loves hearing about Piper's adventures. Stay warm and dry and hope you get lots of trail magic. Paula

Glenn Apr 24th, 2021

Larry, just got the link to follow your progress. Michele had sent it to my Michele but somehow I lost it. Looks like you are experiencing it all, rain, snow, warm and cold weather. It looks like a different set of challenges each day that you need to face. The excitement is that you don’t know what the next day brings. Still cannot believe you have taken this on. Thinking of you on this trek daily - and some days wishing I was on it with you. Stay safe and most of all enjoy! Glenn