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Forrest Gump Apr 23rd, 2021
Forrest Gump's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

I hit the trail tomorrow. All my gear is ready to go as far as I know. I probably should’ve set my tent up a few more times since I’m new to tarp tents that use your pole but I’m certain I’ll get it in good time. My base weight is 18lbs which is nearly 10lbs lighter than the AT and CT. I’m not one for cold soaking or stressing about oz but I do enjoy a lighter pack that’s easier on my body.

Most all the light gear I have is thanks to Bedhead, my good friend and business partner, who also runs Nashville Pack. He pointed me toward a lot of lighter options. Maybe eventually I’ll switch to one of his packs.

On trail tomorrow!

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Comments (10)

Forrest Gump Apr 25th, 2021

Thanks, everyone! So far so good!

k9pluto Apr 25th, 2021

Have a great time!

Hike safe and happy Trails! Side note: really impressed with Nashville Packs gear.

Gahdnah Hiker Apr 24th, 2021

Enjoy the hike and soak up the scenery. Great people to meet.

Forrest Gump Apr 24th, 2021

Thanks, Amy! You’re so far already!! Keep it up! I doubt I’ll come close to catching you haha

a_ourso Apr 24th, 2021

Good luck! Can’t wait to follow your adventure and see how long it takes for you to catch me... taking zero in tehachapi tomorrow before knocking out last of the 🏜

Forrest Gump Apr 23rd, 2021

Thanks, Chris and Rick! I hope we meet up too! You’re crushing miles so I’ll really have to hoof it to catch ya!

Forrest Gump Apr 23rd, 2021

Thanks, HRH!

Chris-and-Rick Apr 23rd, 2021

Looks great!! Hope to meet you at some point. We are headed up Devil’s Slide to Saddle Junction and on tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back.

HRH👑 Apr 23rd, 2021

How exciting! Happy trails!