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Day 21

Day 21

Sleuth Apr 23rd, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Boy last night was cold. I thought I did relatively well staying mostly warm in 29 degree overnight low. Found out it was actually 19 degrees. So hearing that I am ridiculously please at how well I did. I did wear my Melly on my legs so the torso part could cover my butt, and I wore my puffy and hood as well as all my other clothing. I could feel the coldncoming up thru my Nemo Tensor. When I bought it I thought I was buying the inslolated one but apparently not. But I survived relatively warm in 19 degrees weather, I don't think I'll alot of nights that cold. I dont really want to spend another 200$ on another pad. Hand warmers opened at midnight really took the chill off.
I passed 250 miles today. I am OVER this constant climbing for a while. The next 4 days should be a welcome reprieve. Met back up with the Sierra Sisters in town. They are going to zero at the Best Western and we will leave town together on Sat morning.
Jim has to go back to town tomorrow early ish because he has to catch a boat to Catalina for Divemastering duties. But we've had an amazingly fun afternoon in Big Bear. Channon recommended Rock Fire Burgers so we went there for lunch. The garlic fries were amazing. Then for dinner Don made ribs, shrimp and chicken and baked potatoes...going to be hard going back to trail food.

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