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Day 46

Day 46

Gold Rush Apr 21st, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

4/21/21 Slept well in the new tent. Awoke day was nice and got on trail by 9:00 AM became cold, windy, light rain and sleet. Hands freezing gloves didn’t help so used wool socks passed a few people. Pretty miserable hiking day stayed on the ridge dropped down to the road and walked 0.4 miles to Black Bear Resort and hostel were I had rented a small cabin. Barb met me there, she made delicious chili in her converted SUV for myself and the professor and she will sleep in her converted SUV which is nice. She will hike with Piper and myself tomorrow and then leave us. Hate to see her go as she is a lot of fun and so caring. Have 50 miles to Damascus Va. Piper barked at the bear on the sign of the hostel as well as a large white trash bag that fell off a hikers backpack. She is such a scardicat. I hate when she barks though.Once in the campground she runs around not afraid goes behind the owners counter and is everybody best friend. Hard to understand her. Started snowing/flurries as the cabin. Come on getting towards end of April in Tennessee!!

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sarah_727 Apr 23rd, 2021

AWWW, she barked at a picture of a bear? That's so sweet :P Enjoy Tennessee!!