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Day 20

Day 20

Sleuth Apr 21st, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Just got into camp. Camped at 8484 ft with just a touch of snow next to me. Wanted to get in early because I seem to have a problem regulating my body temp for about 90 mins after I hike and I didn't want to be extra cold while thst happened. Today's climb was 3500 ft but there were some cross mt hiking to break it up so the miles came a little easier than yesterday. Ill be glad to get into Big Bear tomorrow. Jim is going to meet me at the 38. I won't have far to go. Dry camping because there is no water up here so I had to shlep today and tomorrows water up. Not too bad tho as I'm on my last night of food weight. Tonight's dinner is chicken flavored Raman (with an extra flavor packet) and two Baby Bell cheese, 2 because I had an extra and omg it tastes so so good. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jim tomorrow.

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