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Day 19

Day 19

Sleuth Apr 20th, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today kicked my ass. I mean I was well and truly spent when I finished today. Hiked up Mission Creek all day. 13 miles straight up, not 20 yards of down or side mt. The trail must have crossed that damn creek over 30 times with alot of dry creek bed walking over river rock and sand. I just never felt in the groove all day. This was the first day that hiking felt like a slog, 2 steps forward and 1 back. Almost 4000 ft og elevation gain (hey maybe that was the reason it was a slog). Im camped at 6500 ft so I expect tonight will be colder than last night. Got into camp tonight (camping alone as of now, maybe someone else will be along later, there is room for 2 more tents) in time to do trail laundry. My hiking pants were filthy, and I was able to do my lightweight hiking hoody. If its not dry by morning ill hike in my heavier weight hoody, which I might be glad for if the morning is cold. So so happy I didn't lose my bubble. Came across Caboose yesterday, saw Rich long enough to thank him. Today I came across Shake and Captain Obvious (channon, she's the one who follows me on Instagram). I had lunch with them. Seems like alot of people took double zeros when I did. Met a chick name Sunshine and I rested with her mid afternoon when we were both trying to stay behind a creepy guy in front of us. Im about 75 percent sure its the dude who kidnapped/raped a women several years ago on trail, was jailed for it but she died in a house fire prior to trial so he's out again. Even if not the guy, he totally made my spidy sense tingle and when I got up to where she was she said the same thing. I did see him hike over a pass in front of me which helped in my decision to walk back down trail to a camp site id passed .02 miles before. All the females around me know about him now. Today was a 2 snake day. One slithered right passed us while we were stopped to have lunch. Lunch was a Tortilla wrap of salame, baby bell cheese and chittos. Delicious. Tonight was Mountain House Spegetti.

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Comments (1)

HRH👑 Apr 23rd, 2021

That creep is still being spotted? I'm glad I'm bringing a taser, because I'll mess that guy up if he touches another woman on that trail.