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Day 18

Day 18

Sleuth Apr 19th, 2021
Sleuth's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Today was amazing. My BBF Channon got to my house at 0430 hrs to drive me the 2 hrs out to Cabazon and I10. We hugged and said goodbye at 7am. Ill admit it was hard getting back on trail. The giddy newness is gone, replaced by the knowledge of what the trail gives me. I feel like I am a gumball machine and the trail drops quarters of Dopamine into me. Being on trail is like a feel good drug, without the drug. 1st two miles was hard. Both mentally and my left calf felt super iffy. But after it got warmed up it started loosening up and felt better and better. And that lasted all 16.7 miles of hiking, both ups and downs, of which there were alot of today but no major ones. Oh ya...so this really happened. About 10 am im passed sobo by a 70 year old naked dude. Well he was wearing a fanny pack...pushed side hip.😳 So he stops about 10 ft away from me and starts asking how my Canadian trek was going and remarking how hot it is. So I stand there like I'm on Naked and Afraid meeting my partner for the first time...seriously what is the etiquette when having small talk with a nakey old man just standing there with his rather tiny berries and twig facing you? Anyway he then walked on. Oh I also met Rich again. He was not a figment of my imagination. He was sitting along side the trail (again). He's like "Sleuth?" And I answered "Rich?". It was too funny. I thanked him for saving my bacon that night on Fuller Ridge by stopping me from going any further in the snow as I was loosing sunlight. I told him I was very grateful he spoke up and stopped me from making what could have been a deadly rookie mistake. I spent an hour soaking my feet in Whitewater river today at 1pm. Heaven. Met back up with Caboose, a 28 year old cool solo hiker who ive been leapfrogging with for a week now. We didn't hike together but ended up taking breaks together all afternoon long. Currently camped at another stream for a 16.7 mile day. I was able to soak me feet and legs and spongbath off prior to getting into the tent. What a luxury. Dinner is Mountain House chicken noodle. Yummy. Tomorrow morning I'm having coffee and hot chocolate mixed together and blueberry granola with milk. Im getting fancy.

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