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Day 40

Day 40

Gold Rush Apr 15th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

4/15/21 Nice day going to the Curley Maple Gap Shelter at mile 348.5 Pictures are looking down at the Nolichucky River near Erwin,Tennessee. At the bottom was a store/hostel Uncle Johnny’s and got some ice cream, Diet Coke and bars. Unexpected. Last night it rained tent fell down around 4:45 AM and Piper wasn’t to be found. Panicked got out of the downed tent called her softly as other tents were right beside. Blew my whistle and she came back fortunately.Lots of going down than back up, I’ll tell you thru hiking is nothing like a day hike or even a weekend backpack trip. So much harder. Piper creates a lot of stress and work but it is worth it, Leaves out in valley. Beautiful scenery in Tenn/NC mountains.Saw Mayapples growing which I used to see as a kid in Maryland but they don’t grow in NH. Good old memories as I recall you can boil and eat the “apples” when they come out but I tried them way back then and they were terrible,

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Comments (2)

sarah_727 Apr 20th, 2021

Amazing Piper shot! She's almost doing an Atticus--surveying her land like a buddha. Glad you got some unexpected treats. I hope Piper is at least learning and getting a bit calmer?

Forrest Gump Apr 18th, 2021

I know that view so well!