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NoBo Feb 18th, 2019

My wife and I need to push the reset button on life


NoBo Feb 22nd, 2019


NoBo 2019


NoBo Feb 27th, 2019

Hiking to strengthen our family, teach our kids and support 6 charities! www.awaking-dreams.com @redwood_empire_food_bank @soles4souls @scwildliferescue @appalachianwild @carma4horses @b_radfoundation #awakingdreams #NoBadWeather #TrektheAT #AT2019 #appalachiantrail #getoutside #hikerfeed


NoBo Mar 4th, 2019


NoBo Mar 8th, 2019

Why not?

StoneTurtle/ Regina Stoneham

NoBo Mar 11th, 2019

Tomorrow is not promised. It is all about the journey, i want to see and experience life on the trail

‘Blue Eyes’ Andrew

NoBo Mar 17th, 2019

Freight Train

NoBo 2019

I'm hiking to get in better shape and figure out what I want to do in the "real world" after the hike.


NoBo 2019


NoBo Mar 27th, 2019

Lil beast / molly

NoBo Mar 31st, 2019

Mom / Jori

NoBo Mar 31st, 2019

To show the hiking community that vegans are just as capable as anyone else! Plant powered! 💪🏻🌱


NoBo Apr 6th, 2019

After dream about this for over 20 years and saving for the last 5 am all ready for my adventure to begun.

Unlikely Duo

NoBo Apr 15th, 2019

To raise funds for two local non profits in Woodstock, IL. We are attempting to raise 25K. Also for the simple fact that we love the outdoors and the AT has been on our bucket list since we met.

Hardy & Matador

Flip-Flop Apr 15th, 2019

We were married on March 22nd and decided to hike the Appalachian Trail as our “honeymoon.” We are enjoying the time spent in nature, the people we meet, and both the challenges and delights the trail presents.


Flip-Flop Apr 15th, 2019

Got married on March 22nd, 2019 and doing this as our honeymoon!


Flip-Flop 2019